Summer AS 54 (2020)

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From the Editor
A&S Competition Results
→ Known World Spotlight
Allegory of the Dagged Dress
Mistress Morgan Donner, Kingdom of An Tir
A Twisted Ring
Sir Vitale Giustiniani
Mästermyr Chest
Lord Thomas Boardmakere
In Progress
A Summer Kosode
Shinjo Takame
Experimenting with Ceramic Lamps
Kata of Mordenvale
Two Tablet Woven Bands from Orkney
Lady Dagný Sveinsdóttir
Steps in Interpreting a Period Recipe for Brewing
Master Rurik Farserkr
Making Shell Gold
Lady Symmone de la Croix
→ BONUS: The Hordweard
The Pledges
Progress – Thomas Boardmakere

Cockatrice Calendar 2020

Submission DeadlinePublication Date
Autumn Edition1st April 20201st May 2020
Winter Edition1st July 20201st August 2020
Spring Edition1st October 20201st November 2020

We’re looking for photos of completed or in progress works, as well as articles, documentation, or class notes!

Please send through anything you’d like to see featured in Cockatrice to if you’re excited about it, we’re excited to help you share it!

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