Meet the Artisan

In a ‘Meet the Artisan’ article, we want to hear about you and your A&S interests. This format is also well suited to interviews. While this sort of profile can be written in lots of ways, some questions you might want to answer are:

  • How long have you been in the SCA? What group do you belong to?
  • Were you into crafts before you joined? What got you interested in A&S?
  • Do you have a particular specialty? Is there a time and place you focus on?
  • What are you working on at the moment?
  • Which project of yours are you the most proud of?

Please feel free to include photos of you and/or your work, and a link to your personal website if you have one. (If you didn’t take the photos, make sure you have permission from the photographer to publish them.)

This sort of article is generally 200-300 words long, but both longer and shorter is perfectly fine.