Competition Report

Would you like to contribute to Cockatrice, but don’t have a project to write about? Why not report on an A&S competition at an event? Key information to include is:

  • What event was the competition held at? When and where was the event?
  • What was the theme of the competition? What were the entry requirements?
  • Who was the organiser? Who were the judges?
  • How many entries were there? What were they? 
  • Who were the winners? Who were the runners-up (if named)?

Try to include photos of as many of the entries as you can, captioned with what they are and the name of the person who made them. If there were a lot of entries, you could take a picture of each category rather than each item. This sort of article is generally quite short – around 100-200 words – but you’re welcome to go into more detail on the entries if you prefer.