Community Arts and Sciences

If a group you belong to (local, household, guild, or other) is working on an A&S project, why not tell the Kingdom about it? Whether that project is creating a physical object, like a hero cloak, organising a series of classes, or running an A&S-related event, we’d love to hear about it. This sort of article can be written by a participant, or by an interviewer, and would generally be about 200-300 words. Some questions you might like to answer are:

  • What group do you belong to?
  • What A&S project has your group been doing? 
  • What is the purpose of the project? Who is it for?
  • How are you involved in this project? Who else is working on it?
  • What has your group achieved so far?

Feel free to include a link to the group or project website, if there is one, and photos of what you’ve been doing. (Just make sure you have permission from the photographer/s to publish them.)