What is Cockatrice?

Cockatrice is the quarterly Arts & Sciences journal of the Kingdom of Lochac.* First published in 1985, Cockatrice has gradually transitioned from a paper newsletter to email subscriptions to posting our editions online for anyone to read. Our issues contain project stories, creative works, and original research by members of the SCA, and we encourage everyone to think about sharing their A&S experiences with us. (See our [submissions guide] for more info.)

*Not sure what those words mean? The Kingdom of Lochac is the Australia/New Zealand branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international living history organisation devoted to learning medieval skills and enjoying medieval pastimes. (We define our period broadly as pre-1600 AD, in Europe or places that had contact with Europe by that time.) ‘Arts & Sciences’ is our term for non-combat skills – everything from costuming to chess is covered. You can read more about us at the SCA Newcomers’ Portal.


Get Involved

Do you want to get involved with Cockatrice, but don’t know how? There’s lots of options! You can:

  • Send us a photo of an A&S project (in progress or complete)
  • Send us something you’ve already written (like a class hand out or project documentation)
  • Interview someone who inspires you about their work
  • Send us photos of A&S activities in your group
  • Write a review of a useful resource – whether that’s a book, a website, a museum exhibit, or something else
  • Help someone else write up or edit their work
  • Or do something completely new!

Cockatrice is happy to accept a wide range of content on basically any A&S related topic (with a few exceptions). If you’re not sure whether your idea will be welcome, feel free to ask! And if you want a little more guidance, check out our Submissions FAQ for more info.


Keep in Touch

Anyone is welcome to contact us at editor@cockatrice.lochac.sca.org, or through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/page/cockatriceoflochac, where we post regular updates on what’s happening with the publication.

If you’d like a link to each issue sent straight to your inbox, you can subscribe to our mailing list in the sidebar.