How do I reference my sources?

Any book, article, website, picture, artefact, or other source you used to write your article should be, at minimum, listed at the end. Ideally, include footnotes whenever you refer to a specific piece of information from a source and tell us where you got it. All images used in the article must be referenced for copyright reasons, and we would prefer you to confirm permission from the copyright holder before use.

The key information we need from any source is its title, author, publisher or online location, and the date it was published or accessed. If you’re not sure about referencing format, just include as much of this information as you can.



[Author – if available], [Title], [URL], viewed [date last accessed].

French Metrology (n.d.).The metre adventure:, viewed 30 September 2012.



[Author last name], [Author first name or initials], [Title] ([Publisher]:[place published], [year published]).

Palmer, John, How to Brew (Brewers Publications: Colorado, 2006).


Article/Chapter from a Book

[Author last name], [Author first name or initials], ‘[Article Title]’ in [Editors names] (eds.), [Book Title], ([Publisher]:[place published], [year published]), [page numbers of the article].

Geijer, Agnes, ‘The Textile Finds from Birka’ in N.B. Harte and H. Ponting (eds.), Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe, (Heinemann: London, 1983), pp. 80-99.


Article from a Magazine/Journal

[Author last name], [Author first name or initials], ‘[Article Title]’, [Magazine Title], [date published], [volume number], [issue number], [page numbers].

Gribling, Barbara, ‘The Black Prince: hero or villain’, BBC History Magazine, January 2013, vol. 14, issue 3 , pp. 30-40