Cockatrice – Summer AS 55 (2021)

Twelfth Night Competition Results

By Gwen verch David

The prize-winners of the Twelfth Night A&S Competition were:

Beginners, golden bell: Nobilis Gumuuinus De Eggafridacapella, for a wooden spoon carved with great attention to authenticity and documentation, entered for the theme ‘For the Home’.

Beginners, silver bell: Lady Shinjo Takame, for a Noren door curtain, entered for the theme ‘For the Home’.

Experienced, golden bell: Lady Marget Die Goldschmiedin, for three enameled fibulae, entered for the theme ‘Rome’.

All three of these gentles entered by distance, two of them judged locally, and one judged by documentation and photos. My thanks to the coordinating A&S officers who made that happen: Mistress Joie Tigre d’Argentona in Politarchopolis, Lord Minamoto no Hideaki in Rowany, and Lady Frances Affrica Ray in Aneala. I extend my thanks also to the judges: Baroness Caristiona nic Bheathain, Mistress Alexandra Hartshorne, Master Dede Kilic ibn Sungur, Mistress Branwen of Wercheavorde, and the Honorable Lord Lokki Rekkr.

Non-prize winners:

With the conclusion of the Twelfth Night competition, the Autumn Crown competition is now open for entries and judging. The themes are: ‘for the feet’, ‘parchment & paper’, and ‘14th century’. This competition will be the final one for the current A&S Championship period, which has been open since Midwinter Coronation in A.S. 54 (2019). Talk to your local A&S officer if you would like to enter, or check out for more information!

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