Medieval Science in Ye Tavern

Rally to the argument,
you Laurels, teachers, presenters, and educated riff-raff,
and come to Ye Tavern!

Hear the raised voices of discussion,
you curious populus, inquiring minds, and thoughtful personas,
and come to Ye Tavern!

For the Inaugural


To be held at
The Great Northern War,
Northern Reaches,

This event will be an enjoyable opportunity to share your medieval science interests with others. Perhaps, it will be an occasion to promote your medieval science interests outside your local Barony. Maybe, it will be a chance to form new connections with like-minded medieval science interested people. The meeting is in the Tavern, so anything may happen.

Medieval science topic presentations will be 20-30 minutes in duration, (limited by the lack of modern electronic presentation tools), and voluntary accompaniment of mannerly consumption of Tavern beverages in polite moderation.

Contributors are expected to be attending The Great Northern War. Drones, Golems, voodoo animated corpses or electronic witchery will not be considered in the absence of the presenter. All presenters are strongly encouraged to consider transforming the exposition material into an article for Cockatrice.

For more information email and proposals : Theophrastus.von.oberstockstall @












Other interesting science talks:

Rowany Festival (2015)

  • Lord Anton de Stoc, Aristotle’s Physics (History)
    • A lecture from one of the books of Aristotle’s Physics, with short explanatory breaks. This book is the basis of the understanding of physics in most of period
  • Lord Anton de Stoc , The Lost Agreement on Justification (History)
    • A brief description of your class A short lecture on the Book of Worms, the failed attempt to bring peace to Christendom in 1541.
  • THL Blodeuwedd y Gath, The Portable Museum
    • A ‘show and tell’ of Blod’s large personal collection of small period artefacts. Participants are invited to ask questions, and are permitted to handle and closely inspect the pieces.
  • Master Giles Leabrook – Scurvy! (Medicine)
    • Discussion on the disease, it’s causes, symptoms, treatments and preventatives, medieval and modern, with especial emphasis on diet.
  • Mistress Marie de Lyon & Mistress Filippa Ginevra Francesca di Lucignano – The Hapless John the Thatcher discovers the world of Mediaeval Surgery (Medicine)
    • John the Thatcher becomes a victim of the Barber Surgeons as a result of a mishap on the war field. This is your chance to discover more than you ever wanted to know about surgery and anaesthetics in the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods. Come and see Mistress Marie in her element as she rummages about in John’s insides. This is not a class for either the squeamish or the faint hearted. Under 18s will not be admitted.

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