Rowany Festival Special Edition (A.S. 53)

Thanks to the wonderful teachers, photographers, and reporters who attended Rowany Festival this year, we have been able to put together a special edition of JUST Festival content, including:

  • Guild News
  • Photos from the Guild Exhibition – the Scriptorium
  • Report on the Rowany Festival Costume Competition
  • Photo gallery of Laurel Prize entries
  • List of class descriptions
  • A reflection on the Dark Ages campsite, by Lord Bjorn Saemunderson

PLUS the following class handouts:

  • Skin to Surface: Analysing a Clothing Style – Lady Ana von der Ron
  • Fastening Your Clothes – Lady Lianor dos Cavelos
  • How to Make Aglets (a.k.a. Lace Chapes) – Master Hugh de Calais
  • Introduction to Alchemy – Mistress Katherne Rischer
  • A Primer on Alchemy and Astronomy – Mistress Katherne Rischer
  • Insights into Scribal Alchemy – Mistress Katherne Rischer
  • List Keeping for Beginners – Lady Ana von der Ron
  • Volunteering in the SCA – Lady Mairi of Kilravock

Download (PDF, 6.88MB)

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