Cockatrice has previously appeared in two episodes dating back over three decades.

Here we detail some of these previous incarnations.

Season I.

Edition 1. March, A.S. XIX.

  • Editional
  • Below the Salt, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • Love Rings, by Bryn of the Quavers
  • Fool’s Bransle, by Bradoc McCarrum
  • The Missing Link, by Ianto Van Dieman
  • Gobbets for the Kitchen, by Bryn of the Quavers
  • Menus from historical and SCA feasts
  • A Drinking Song
  • Plummer Wine, by Mithron Ap Minas Andannumas
  • Jewellery, by Bradoc McCarrum
  • Embroidery, by Gwenddydd Rhosyn O’Cymru Newydd
  • Soup Normandie, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • Craft Groups of Victoria
  • Timeline, by Ahmad Muhammad Ibn Abu Quasin
  • A Love Poem, by Lord Reynardine of Tara

Edition 2. Midwinter, A.S. XX.

  • Editional, by Bryn of the Quavers
  • Gobbets for the Kitchen, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • Mead, by Gwynfor Y Lloyd Rhwy
  • Recipes, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • Rowan Runes, by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne
  • Merchants and the Market Place, by Bradoc McCarrum
  • Rowany Festival, by Bryn of the Quavers
  • Armouring, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • The Dream of Pendaran Dyfed, by Marchdaran
  • Fruitcakes on Parade, by Sun Newspaper
  • Sotelties Feast, by Bryn of the Quavers
  • Newspaper report: Dark Skies Feast, By L.V.E.
  • Byzantine Costume, by Alveric
  • Recipe: Hare in Cabbage, by Bradoc McCarrum
  • Poem: From Court D’Amour, A.S. XIX, by Jenna of the Heath

Edition 3. Spring, A.S. XX.

  • Editional, by Cristobal Gitano
  • Letters, by Various
  • Troubadours, by Bradoc McCarrum
  • Mites of the SCA, by Bran Sagan
  • Cabra Jongleur, by t. Stephen D’arcy
  • Inheritance of a Device, by Thorfinn Hrolfsson
  • War Report, by Cristobal Gitano
  • Herbs, by Kiriel du Papillon
  • The Layer Affect, by Selivia de l’Estoile
  • Gausbert’s Poem, by Gerhardt
  • Noblesse Oblige, by Elenor
  • Greensleeves, attr. Henry VIII
  • A Coude, by Lord Reynardine of Tara
  • The Bad News, by Cristobal Gitano

Edition 4&5. Autumn, A.S. XX.

  • Editorial
  • Fealty, Loyalty and Obedience, by Latimer & Vesper
  • Of the Making of a Spanish Farthingale, by Marguerite de Rada
  • Varangian Shields, by John FitzAlleyne
  • 12th Night, by Cristobal Gitano
  • A Leather Archery Helm, by Lord Reynardine of Lochac
  • Fighting Left Handers, by Brusi Anderson
  • The Knight Whose Armour Didn’t Squeak, by A.A. Milne
  • Shatranj, by Daifyd ap Donal
  • Forum, by Madelaine de Bourgogne
  • Wayfaring, by Cristobal Gitano
  • Of the History of Printing, by Cristobal Gitano
  • The Tragedy of King Robert Giscard, by John FitzAlleyne
  • Hospitallers
  • My Favourite (!)Things, by Morgan ap Idris

Edition 6. Winter, A.S. XXI.

  • Editorial, by Cristoval Gitano
  • Chess’ Great Heroes, by Senev
  • Notes, by Rowan Perigrynne
  • Knight-in-Armour, by A.A. Milne
  • Innilgard Investiture, by Dafydd ap Donal
  • Lochac Traits, by Dafydd ap Donal
  • Rowany report, by Cristoval Gitano
  • Rowany War Report, by John FitzAlleyne
  • Photo Montage, by John of the Hills
  • 14th C. Illumination, by Cristoval Gitano
  • Rowan Runes, by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne
  • Valkyrie Maiden’s Ride, by John FitzAlleyne
  • Letter to Lochac, by Cristoval Gitano

Season II.

Issue 1.

Issue 2. January, 1999.

  • From the Editor, Meliora de Curci.
  • Middle Eastern Textiles, by Huraiwa.
  • Recipe: Rice Bombe (Bomba di Riso), by Marion de Paxford.
  • Ale making in the Middle Ages, by Drake Morgan.
  • Argent Snails’ Armory insta-boing check list, by Jaelle of Armida.
  • Poetry: Loves Joyes, by Yseult de Lacy.
  • Feeding the Troops, by Sianan Cencelach.
  • 15th Century Encampment Notes, by Stefano d’Urbino.
  • Information on acid in wine-making, by Ulric le Alefondere.
  • “Call the Royal Wipers!” Privies in the Middle Ages, by Alaric Longshaft.
  • Book Reviews, by Marion de Paxford.
  • From Bard to Verse: Pre-minstrel Tension, by Karl Faustus von Aachen.
  • Royal Feast Recipes, by Master Ogot of Corfe.
  • Pathfinder – Chainmail on the World Wide Web, by Karel of the Three Isles.
  • Poetry: Presumption, by Yseult de Lacy.
  • The Worshipful company of Broiderers, by Keridwen the Mouse.
  • Lochac Woodworker’s Guide, by William Castile.
  • Local Group A&S Contacts, by Natal’ia Vladimirova ‘doch.
  • Subscription/Submittal Form
  • Survey/Feedback form

Issue 3. May, 1999.

  • From the Editor.
  • Eating in Roman Britain, by Sianan Cencelach.
  • Eastern influence on French life, by Madeliene du Lac d’Agenais.
  • Bringer of plenty: Freyr in Mythology and History, by Jourdaine Fitzalan.
  • Crossword: Arms & Armour, by Susannah of Locksley.
  • Costuming for Larger Figures, by Madelyn de Mer.
  • Making Leather Bottells, by Osgot of Corfe.
  • Recipe: My Lady Morice’s Meath, by Drake Morgan.
  • German Pizza Hats, by Keridwen the Mouse.
  • Sir, Your Sword’s too Long! by Francois Henri Guyon.
  • A Tale of Philippos, The Greek: A tragedy in three acts, by Snorri Bloddrekkr.
  • Austria Felice (A dance for six Ladies), by Mathilde Adycote.
  • Book Reviews
  • Survey/Feedback forms
  • Subscription/Submittal Form

Issue 4. July, 1999.

  • From the Editor.
  • Crossword: Costumes and Colours, by Susannah of Locksley.
  • Household Linen in the Middle Ages, by Aelflaed of the Weald.
  • Easy to Make Portable Chairs, by William Castille.
  • The Battle of the Books, by Jourdaine Fitzalan.
  • Sonnet: Jealousy, by Stefano d’Urbino.
  • A Guide to period Food, by Hrolf Herjolfssen.
  • Simple Leather Craft for SCA use: Belts, by Jon Dai of the Lane.
  • Bone Carving, by Snorri Bloodrekkr or Ooinslundi.
  • Bruise Ointment, by Bana bhioncas Caristiona nic Beathain.
  • Completing the Lochac pre-printed award of Arms Scrolls.
  • AOA Scroll: Carolingian II, by Rowan Perigrynne.
  • Bransle Hay, by Gregory Blount and Michaelin of the Arts Gentill.
  • Recipes from the Rheinfrankisches Hochbuch, by Ogot of Corfe.
  • Transferring embroidery patterns to Fabric, by MAdilayn de Mer.
  • On Voice Heraldry, by Nimue nu Ruad.
  • Persona Workshop, by Stefano d’Urbino.
  • Book Reviews.
  • Local group A&S Contacts.
  • Subscription / Submittal Form.
  • Survey/Feedback form.

Issue 5. November, 1999.

  • From the Editor.
  • Middle Eastern Medieval Tent, by Steven & Amanda Baker.
  • Household Linen in the Middle Ages, by Aelflead of the Weald.
  • Notes from ‘A Parisian Dinner’, by Stefano d’Urbino.
  • Gilding made easy, by Frae Fitzalan.
  • Award of Arms scroll: Carolingian I, by Rowan Peregryne.
  • Reproducing a late 14th Century shoe using patterns taken from extant examples [1], by Arenwald von Hagenburg.
  • Onward to Glory (The River haven Anthem), by William Castile.
  • BVI Guild: 12th Night Competition, by Dafydd ap Iorwerth.
  • West Kingdom Brewer’s Guild: March Crown, by Thea of Midvale.
  • Proposed Lochac Guild of Gardeners, by Sigurd.
  • Mari’s Recipe File: ‘Madira’ AKA Yoghurt Lamb, by Mari de Paxford.
  • Cough Syrup, by Bana bhioncas Caristiona nic Beathain.
  • Persian Garb: Overview, by Tariq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysaburi.
  • A Look at Millenarian Forms, by Hrolf Herjolfssen.
  • Book Reviews.
  • Local group A&S Contacts.
  • Subscription / Submittal Form.
  • Survey/Feedback form.

Issue 6. January, 2000.

  • From the Editor.
  • Household Linen in the Middle Ages, by Aelflead of the Weald.
  • Pepperment Troches, by Bana bhioncas Caristiona nic Beathain.
  • Banquets, by Stefano d’Urbino.
  • Wedding Feast (A Sonnet), by Snorri Bloodrekkr or Ooinslundi.
  • Mouse’s Guide to Beading, by Keridwen the Mouse.
  • A Traveller’s Tale, by Snorri Bloodrekkr or Ooinslundi.
  • Excerpts from November Coronet Recipes, by Drake Morgan.
  • The Nixies (Singular Nix), by Michaelin of the Artes Gentill.
  • Dancing for Beginner, by Hoskuld Atlason of Iceland.
  • “Branle des Chevaux”, a Dance called Horse, by Hoskuld Atlason of Iceland.
  • Award of Arms scroll: Mid Gothic, by Rowan Peregryne.
  • The Astrolabe, by Rudolf von der Drau.
  • Pasteis de Carne, by Ogot of Corfe.
  • “Little Flowers on Canvas,” by Bartolomeo Agazzari.
  • Persian Garb: Overviewof the 15th and 16th Centuries, by Tariq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysaburi.
  • The Rules of Love, by Mark Calderwood.
  • A Guide to Period Food: A – Z Breakdown, by Hrolf Herjolfssen.
  • Book Reviews.
  • Local group A&S Contacts.
  • Subscription / Submittal Form.
  • Survey/Feedback form.

Issue 7. May, 2000.

  • From the Editor.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Anglo Saxon Medicine, by Cairistiona nic Bethain.
  • Sgraffiato: A brief scratch in history, by Alexander The Potter.
  • Twelfth Night: Presentation of Feast, by Stormhold Cooks Guild.
  • Twelfth Night: Recipes, by Stormhold Cooks Guild.

Issue 8. July, 2000.

  • From the Editor.

Issue 9. January, 2001.

  • From the Editor.

Issue 10. April, 2001.

Issue 11. May, 2001.

Issue 12. November, 2001.

Issue 13. January, 2002.

Issue 14. March, 2002.

Issue 15. November, 2002.

Issue 16.

Issue 17. January, 2003.

Issue 18. May, A.S. XXXVIII.

Issue 19. July, A.S. XXXVIII.

Issue 20. November, A.S. XXXVIII. 5th Birthday Double Edition.

Issue 21.

Issue 22. April, A.S. XXXVIII.

Issue 23. July, A.S. XXXIX.

Issue 24. October, A.S. XXXIX.

Issue 25. January, A.S. XXXIX.

Issue 26. March, A.S. XXXIX.

Issue 27. July, A.S. XL. Special Edition for the Known World Dance Symposium.

Issue 34. April, A.S. XLI.

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