November A.S. 53 Edition

Our spring edition is here, featuring the following articles:
  • Reflections on the River Haven Spring Pilgrimage – Lord Theophrastus von Oberstockstall
  • Dr Speed Build: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make All the Things – Lord Jon Huslangr
  • Making a Dark Ages Skillet – Lord Thomas Boardmakere
  • Dance Report for Bal d’Argent 2018 – Lady Annabel de Swinburne
  • ‘Rome: City and Empire’: An Exhibition Review – Lady Gwen verch David
  • The Style of Period Printing: A Very Brief Taste of Printing History – Mistress katherine kerr of the Hermitage
…along with photos by Lady Veronica Bellini and Lady Anne Sabina Schmidt on the theme of ‘Behind the Scenes’.
I’m also pleased to announce that each of these articles is going to be posted in full as a blog post, thanks to the marvellous Master Grim of Thornby, who has volunteered to become Cockatrice’s Deputy Editor. Look for the first one sometime in the next couple of weeks!
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