Cockatrice Edition

The February A.S. 49 edition of Cockatrice.

The February A.S. 49 edition of Cockatrice. 

It is a larger file than normal, but this is a well illustrated edition!

Click this link to start downloading: CockatriceFeb49

Details: ~6Mgb, .PDF, 36 pages

If this causes any issues please let me know.

In this issue:


Sitting a book on your head does not transfer knowledge, by Theophrastus von Oberstockstall

12-14th century Mongolian noblewoman’s headdress, by Gilligan O Tomelty

Making a Goffered Veil, by Elizabeth Braythwayte

Erbowle (Fresh Plum Pudding),  by Helouys le Poer

Sambocade, by Ellen of Wyteley

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